S4 Multi Store

" We bring you a



management system



all the complex needs of a multi-zone supermarket operations both large and small..."


  • Unlimited pricing zones with the ability of a store to belong to multiple zones. Highly configurable zone structures allow users to adapt the system to their zoning concepts and needs, not making them conform to any one definition of "Zone".
  • Grouping features to minimize effort in managing like items across zones. The System allows users to work with "Groups" of Zones, passing any or all edited data to zone records within a given group. Grouping combined with "Associations" as we call it, goes way beyond like item pricing concepts by automatically identifying other relationships that exist between zone records. This is by far one of our most powerful and least exploited features. Might be good to keep this one secret….outside of a Demo, that is!
  • Zone pricing for all stores displayed on one screen with filtering for single zone, groups of zones or all zones.
  • Maintenance of normal, current, last cost, and layered allowances or combined allowances.
  • Complex promotional schemes unique to each POS system.
  • Store level statuses for multiple POS types. Allows multiple POS types to belong to the same zone. Provides support for ALL available POS Status flags when combined with S4V6.
  • Frequent Shopper pricing and electronic couponing. Full support for ICL Standard and Advanced promotions when combined with S4V6.
  • Pricing calculator that automates pricing off of cost by selected formulas. Assisting the user in maintaining suggested margins in future permanent as well as promotional batches.
  • Look ahead feature in promotions allows user to see what retail and cost will be in effect at the time of promo activation. Can be displayed graphically too.
  • Item level calculator triggers suggested new retail when cost changes.
  • National brand to private label price management by formula.
  • Retail spread calculator for triggering new retail on private label when name brand changes.
  • Item level rounding rules.
  • Comprehensive support of the store level data elements.
  • Allowance pass-through formulas. Allowances can be "passed along" to promotions, electronic coupons, Frequent Shopper promotions or both from a single entry point.
  • Rule-based activate/deactivate of cost & retail batches that handles the most complicated nested & overlapping pricing schedules. Includes graphical views of batch interaction.
  •  Supports major wholesaler import/export formats. Allows for multiple target zone(s) and automatic price recalculation using item level calc methods and rounding factors.

  • Automated batch removal or expired batches with days to keep options.
  • Easy to use batch explorer that sorts/filters batches by start date, end date, status, type and Zone…or any field for a given batch type. Plus, sorting on Gross Margin allows users to spot errors quickly, especially on imported files i.e. Host imports.
  • Copy/paste function for creating a new batch off an existing one or for moving items from one batch to another. Copy and paste between Zones with options for preserving and recalculating retails based on target Zone’s cal methods and rounding factors. Multiple pasting routines can be saved for reuse.
  • Extensive Mass Batch Create and Mass Change capabilities.
  • Individual editing and re-sending of batch records to all affected stores.
  • Detailed mail status by stores.
  • Configurable batch grids for viewing and printing saved by batch type.
  • User definable batch exporting.
  • Native support for shelf tag and sign printing (By Store) with S4 Shelf Image at corporate. Sets of labels are organized by store and printed assets. Supports Saving’s amount printing for Promotions.
  • Category maintenance, printing and out-boxing from Corporate.
  • Vendor maintenance, printing and out-boxing from Corporate. User definable Authorized Item views with exporting and printing capabilities.
  • Configurable entry screens & tab orders based on batch type User definable tabbing keys.
  • Default department status assignment by Zone for new items.
  • User definable color coding to clearly ID data field changes. Great for seeing exactly what your host import is changing.
  • Multiple category links including user definable links at all database levelsCost & pricing history of items.
  • Exception reporting based on store-to-host and store-to-store comparisons when combined with S4TA.
  • Exception maintenance allows users to correct errors to the local database or automatically outbox corrections to stores. Data elements at individual store can be logged as permanent exceptions, preserving uniqueness on store maintained fields.
  • Automated out-boxing with days prior options.
  • Automated activation/de-activation of batches.
  • A data mapping tool is provided for building import/export formats.
  • Interfaces to corporate scale management systems.
  • 14 digit PLU and Terminal Services Compliant.
  • User definable margin thresholds with user alerts