In-Store Systems

S4 Balancing

  • Full, blind cashier accountability for all tenders
  • Mid-day or day end accountability
  • Lane and/or till accountability
  • Full safe accountability for pickups, loans, bank deposits & receipts
  • Daily cashier & safe activity/balancing reports
  • Rollup of all daily reports into weekly store accountability form
  • Interface to major accounting programs
  • Customizable store and cashier daily & weekly entry forms, reports & exports

Shelf Image

  • Fully integrated and easy to use Sign and Label package.

S4 Direct Item Maintenance

  • One-click index changes
  • UPC Keep Feature
  • View all cost & price info, including active & pending batch info for an item on main entry screen
  • Customizable grid view screen
  • Color code for ID of data field changes
  • Like item link significantly reduces key entry effort
  • Category and report code links facilitates reporting on item groups
  • Easy build location links
  • Multiple vendors for items
  • Mass change capability either direct or by batch
  • Maintenance of normal, current, last cost, and layered allowances
  • Supports all POS statuses, bottle links & mix match tables
  • Auto price and rounding calculators off of cost

S4 Mobile

  • Thin Client Back Office access from a PC or popular Windows CE scanning devices like the DataLogic X3

S4 Batch Item Maintenance

  • Supports complex promotional schemes unique to each POS system
  • Supports frequent shopper pricing and electronic couponing
  • Allowance pass-through formulas
  • Rule-based activation/deactivation of cost & retail batches that handles the most complicated nested & overlapping pricing schedules
  • View batch header, batch items, and all batch activity on one screen
  • Easy to read summary of all batch statuses
  • Customizable batch screens by batch type
  • Ability to handle price increases & decreases in a single batch separately

S4 Inventory Maintenance

  • Create store receivers by checking in DSD vendor deliveries.
  • Provides either blind receiving or more empowering approaches.
  • Receive against pre-established vendor costs with secured override.
  • Handles replacement & add-on allowances.
  • Print store invoices to compare with vendor when store & vendor invoices differ.
  • Receive by case and/or split unit.
  • Supports total invoice discounts amt / % and add-on fees, freight, etc.
  • Supports item receipts & credits, department level receipts & credits, physical inventory counts, product orders, and transfers in/out.
  • Supports a variety of invoice reconciliation & posting rules to fit customer.
  • Host support for a number of wholesaler electronic invoice formats.
  • Preform Physical Count Receiving.
  • Back door receiving.
  • Product ordering.
  • Custom scripts.

S4 Scale Interface

  • Interfaces to deli/meat scale systems thru scale middleware solutions
  • Direct interface to Ishida scale products

S4 SIL/Import Engine

  • Supports major wholesaler import/export formats.
  • Data mapping tool is provided for building import/export formats